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Saturday, 20 August 2011

love story :)

It all started on the first day of school.This boy named bailey i know right such a girl name anyway,he was so annoying.He always bugged me every chance he got.But on one gym day our gym teacher all ways made us run laps and i always walked while he always ran.And right in the middle of my 4th lap he stopped right beside me me being completely confused but flattered.i said,”why are you here,bailey?” him replying,”Because i like being by you,” Then he left making me my head i was like does he like me do i like him? i tried talking to all my friends trying to find the i like bailey? But before i knew it a year had gone by me still not knowing the answer to the same question. I think i lost him.For the reason that he got over me and already got a girlfriend. Another thing that surprised me was that he was moving to canon city and away from day i hope that my answer will be answered or at least see him again.

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